Top 10 Cigars of 2013

It’s that time of year again folks!  Time for us to all put out our Top (insert whatever number here) Cigars of the year.  Like them or not, they’re here & they’re not going anywhere, & as a matter of fact they are growing.  I actually really enjoy all of them, & even more, I like comparing some of the most respected guys lists in this industry to my own.  I try to keep it short & sweet, get down the brass tacks & not give the whole breakdown of each cigar blend, but rather give a short little “piece of my mind” about the stick.  Hope that’s enough for you boys & girls.

There were a few things that went into account for my list.  The cigar had to be released in 2013.  The cigar couldn’t be an in-store exclusive, could not be a vitola extension of a previous years line. It had to be reasonably available, & well, it had to be something we carried here at our Cigars & More locations.  The last one is, basically, I had to smoke it a few times before it made the list.  Hope you enjoy!

Before we get to the main list, here’s a couple of honorable mentions…

La Campana De Panama Soberana by RoMa Craft Tobac-  This cigar would have made my list, had it not been a special release & only 1,000 bx. made  I really enjoyed this smoke & the effort it takes to create these beautiful cigars.  To bring this cigar together using the blends of the other RoMa lines was done beautifully.  The Cromagnon Mode 5 would have also more than likely made this list as well, if it were not a vitola extension.  Under Mike, Skip, & Esteban…Nica Sueno is continuing to pump out quality smokes.

UF-13 Dark by Drew Estate-  Another special release that doesn’t meet criteria.  Great smoke, & one of the most sought after cigars of 2013.

LFD  TAA “Double Press”-  Great smoke at a great price if you love LFD.  Not as much pop as some LFD maduro’s, but great nonetheless.  I may have to let TAA Exclusives be on my list next year.

leccia10.)  Leccia White- Robusto

This cigar grew on me.  I thought at first that the Black was my favorite of these two sticks, but the White eventually won me over.  Sam has jumped back into the cigar world with a bang, & has again shown he still has one of the most creative blending minds in the industry, & isn’t afraid to give us smokers something different.

Oliva cigars Logo9.)  Oliva Melanio Maduro

Once again, Oliva shows me why they are always on every ones list, year after year.  Super rich & complex, Oliva once again has waved their magic wands & show me why they are great at what they do.  Fantastic smoke!



herrera-esteli8.)  Herrera Esteli- Lonsdale

Willy left El Titan De Bronze, landed at Drew Estate, & dropped this beauty on us.  “Cubanesque” is what they promised, & well, It’s actually what it delivered for the most part.  Might be the first time I’ve somewhat agreed with this overused term on a cigars description.  The smaller ring gauged sticks in this line really shine in my opinion.

surrogates logo7.)  Surrogates- Animal Cracker

That’s right…  A 6×60 made my list.  I’m not ashamed!  As a matter of fact, I love this stick.  It’s a full flavored/full bodied flavor bomb, that also happens to have some complexity & character.  Pete & K.C., with the help of Pepin’s My Father factory, have given us another wonderful smoke.

Label Straight Jacket Final Print6.)  Asylum Straight Jacket- Toro

This cigar packs a little punch, but also delivers complexity & a ton of flavor.  Tom Lazuka has had a huge amount of success nationally, as well as in our stores with the Asylum lines.  While the Straight Jacket is almost double in price of the Premium & Asylum 13 lines, it’s worth every penny of it.

NICA RUSTICA5.)  Nica Rustica “El Brujito”

Another Drew Estate product, another fantastic smoke on my list.  This cigar, much like the Liga Privada lines, is an absolute smoke bomb.  Plumes of billowy smoke come from this wonderful cigar.  The Nica Rustica wowed me from the get go, & quickly grabbed a spot in my rotation lately.  The great thing for consumers is, it’s easier on your wallet than the LP lines. 

illusione cigars logo4.)  Illusione ~r~ Rothchildes

Not only is this a ridiculous smoke, it’s a ridiculous price at $4.99 MSRP.  Pound for pound, what you pay for what you get, there might not be a better cigar on this list.  Dion Giolito has again gave us another gem to add to his collection of highly rated cigars.  If short smokes are your thing, you aren’t going to get much better than this one.

j d howard reserve logo3.)  J.D. Howard Reserve-  HR46

Again, the guys at Crowned Heads continue to impress.  This is the third release from the former CAO crew, & this one is their best yet in my opinion.  Different, complex, character, & quality is what this cigar delivers.  Can’t wait to see what they bring us next.

photo2.)  L’Atelier Imports-  LAT-46 Selection Speciale

The number two rated cigar on this list, & the second cigar from L’Atelier Imports to make the list.  Another cigar from the team of Pete & K.C. Johnson, this cigar is absolutely fantastic.  I have smoked a bunch, & got some more tucked away for safe keeping! 

cle logo1.)  Eiroa by CLE Cigars

This cigar really surprised me.  My area Rep. Ammer Cabrera told me that this cigar would be great.  I shrugged it off as sales talk.  That’s what he’s supposed to say right?  Well, this cigar delivered.  This Honduran puro is a wonderful display of complexity, strength, & balance.  I’m admittedly a mostly Nicaraguan guy, at least I thought I was.  This stick showed me different!  I tip my hat to Christian Eiroa, for not only this great cigar, but also for the entire line up under the CLE umbrella right now.




Nick Perdomo Coming to C&M


Join us Dec. 5th at our Hwy 280 location from 12-3pm, or our location at Patton Creek in Hoover from 4-8pm with Nick Perdomo of Perdomo Cigars.

It’s always a pleasure when Nick shows up & a great time is always expected!  All Perdomo will be on special!



Cigars & More Hwy 280  (205) 991-3270

Cigars & More Patton Creek  (205) 824-1644

perdomo logo

Hechicera Launch at Patton Creek!

SotolongoThis Saturday, Nov. 2nd, Grace Sotolongo of Sotolongo Cigars will be at our Patton Creek location in Hoover from 4-8pm to launch Hechicera, the debut line by Grace Sotolongo.

Sotolongo Cigars was launched in 2013 by Fabricas Unidas, Christian Eiroa’s (Former Camacho owner) parent company that currently consists of CLE, Aslyum, Wynwood, Pura Soul, Edgar Hoill, & Sotolongo Cigars.  All of these brands have seen early success, & their booth even received “Best In Show” at this years IPCPR Convention held in Vegas a few months back.

Hechicera (Pronounced Eh-Shi-Sera) is Grace’s debut cigar by Sotolongo Cigars is a Nicaraguan Puro & comes in four sizes, & the artwork was done by a close friend of Grace, Nimoska Perez Castellon, who is a well known Cuban exile leader & radio show host in the Miami area.

Sotolongo Hechicera

We look forward to having Grace this weekend & carrying this great cigar in our stores.  Stop by Saturday for some great specials & meet one of the new shining stars in the cigar industry!

Call the C&M Patton Creek location for details at 205-824-1644.




In Case You Didn’t Hear


We here at C&M have been chosen, along with four other distinguished retailers in the U.S. to carry a limited edition version of Cigar Aficionado’s #1 Cigar of the Year the Flor De Las Antillas by  Don Pepin Garcia’s My Father Cigars.

Named the “MAM-13”, this Nicaraguan Puro, sporting a beautiful Sun Grown wrapper, is a 6×48 round version of normal box-pressed line.  Only 500 boxes of these were produced & distributed between the 5 selected retailers.

Stop by & try one of these fantastic smokes at one of our four locations in the Birmingham area while you can, because once they’re gone, they’re gone!  Price for these very limited cigars $7.49 ea.



Room101 Serie HN Coming Soon

Room101 HNPress Release:  Introducting the NEW Serie HN, the latest edition to the Room101 core line of cigars. Following the success of our most recent core offering, the Room101 San Andres, we’ve decided to take yet another unique journey with this new blend. Honduran Criollo is widely-known for it’s signature taste; rich, rugged and filled with intense spice. By itself, Criollo can be slightly one dimensional. However, when expertly combined with tobaccos such as Mata Fina from Brazil and a creamy Dominican Navarette, the richness and spice of Criollo comes to life in an unimaginable way. The result is a multi-dimensional and full-flavored, medium-intensity cigar with a level of balance unmatched by most.

Available in (5) formats, including the popular “Papi Chulo” (42 x 4), the Room101 Serie HN will be available in late-June, 2013



: Medium to Full

Camacho Revamps Brand & Blends

Last week Camacho launched a new add campaign recently featuring a much more “bold” look  & changing everything from the bands, logo, & even boasting new blends.  A shot in the arm to a brand that was acquired by Davidoff a few years back.  The lingo, as well as the new logo used for the marketing is definitely much more aggressive looking & sounding.  Look for these new releases to start shipping in soon, most likely after IPCPR next month.  Here are a few pictures I pulled from Camacho’s Facebook page that will definitely give you the idea of the concept they’re going for, as well as giving you info on the blends…

Camacho 2

Camacho 1

Camacho Corojo

Camacho Criollo

Camacho Trip Maduro

Camacho Diploma

Overall, I really dig the new look.  It’s obviously going to grab your eye in the humidor.  Like I said above, a shot in the arm probably wasn’t a bad idea for this brand, & if getting attention is what they were going after, they’ve accomplished it with this marketing.  I’m really looking forward to trying the reblended lines as they trickle in.

~Jason Jackson



Cigar Wars  Don’t miss the first annual CIGAR WARS event this Saturday from 2-8pm at the Cigars & More Hoover location in the Patton Creek Shopping Center!  We’ll have seven manufacturers here representing the best Craft/Small Batch makers in the the cigar industry!  This is truly a can’t miss event!

Those who will be attending…

Eddie Ortega- Ortega Cigars

Wes Thorton- Crowned Heads Cigars (Four Kicks, Headley Grange)

Mike Rosales- RoMa Craft Tobac (CroMagnon, Intemperance)

George Rodriguez- Rodrigo Cigars

Clint Aaron- 262 Cigars

Oscar Rodriguez- GTO Cigars (Alabama Owned)

Nate McIntyre- Emilio Cigars

Tickets are $25 in advance & will be $30 Saturday on the event.  You will receive a packet including 5 cigars, Beer by Blue Pants Brewing Co, BBQ by Moe’s Original, & a raffle ticket, all at least a $75 value!

Call the Hoover location for tickets at (205) 824-1644